The Formalised/ Individualised Residency Programme

An AICVD-approved Residency Program aims to give veterinarians thorough training in veterinary dermatology, related sciences, and medical dermatology. The goal is for residents to gain comprehensive knowledge of skin conditions in domestic animals, fulfill training requirements set by the AICVD Credentials Committee, and qualify to take the AICVD Diploma examination.

Formalised Programmes:
Formalised programs, offered regularly by the parent institution without modifications for specific applicants, aim to provide veterinarians with comprehensive training in veterinary dermatology. These programmes are designed and approved for a specific number of residents. Once approved by the Education Committee, positions may be filled without further reference to the Committee, provided there are no changes to the program.

Individualised Programmes:
Individualised programs, offered periodically or part-time by an institution, require a detailed description approved by the Education Committee before commencement. Any training undertaken before formal approval will be reviewed, and some or all of it may count towards the total clinical training requirement.

All residents in both formalised and individualised programs must have been qualified as veterinarians for at least 3 years before sitting for the Diploma examination.