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General information
What is AiCVD residency

Asian College of Veterinary Dermatology (AiCVD)-approved Residency Program is designed to provide in-depth training in veterinary dermatology, related basic and applied sciences and areas of medical dermatology to allow the resident to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the dermatological conditions of animals. All the training program is under the instruction of AiCVD educational committee to meet the criteria for AiCVD.

How to apply?

All applicants wishing to undertake a residency training program must:

Types of the Residency

All residency programs must be approved by the AiCVD Education Committee and are subject to current College guidelines. Two types of residencies are available: formalised and alternative.

Formalised Program

Formalized programs are those offered by the parent institution on a regular basis without modifications for particular applicants. Such programs are designed and approved for a specific number of residents at any one time. Once the program is approved by the Education Committee, positions may be filled without further reference to the Committee provided there are no changes to the program.

Formalized programs are approved by the Education Committee for a fixed period. If continuation of the program is required, the program description must be updated and resubmitted to the Education Committee for further approval, not less than 1 year from the expiry of approval.

Alternative program

Alternative programs are those offered periodically or on a part-time basis by an institution. For such programs, a detailed description must be prepared and approved by the Education Committee before each program is begun. Any training undertaken before the committee's formal approval of the program will be carefully reviewed. Subsequently, some or all of this training may be accepted up to a maximum of 25 days of the total clinical training requirement.

All Residents in both formalized and alternative programs must have been qualified as a veterinarian for at least 3 years at the time of sitting the Diploma Examination.