The objectives of the College are to advance veterinary dermatology in Asia and enhance the competence of practitioners in this field by:

  1. Establishing guidelines for post-graduate education and experience required to specialize in veterinary dermatology.
  2. Examining and certifying veterinarians as specialists in veterinary dermatology to provide expert care for animals with dermatological diseases.
  3. Encouraging research and contributions to knowledge concerning the pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy, prevention, and control of diseases affecting animals' skin, and promoting communication and dissemination of this knowledge.
  4. The College operates as a non-profit organization without commercial interests.
  5. The financial resources of the College must be spent according to its constitution, and neither members nor officers receive payment from the College's funds except for reimbursements.
  6. Expenditures and compensations must align with the College's purposes and not favor any individual.